Boherdi Foundry was founded in Quilmes in 1966 by its Managing Partner Nicolás Dimasi and formally incorporated in 1976. It was established in Claypole, in the Almirante Brown district, in the Province of Buenos Aires.

It focused its initial activity mainly on the manufacture of small- and medium-sized aluminum parts. Over time, it began to specialize in larger pieces and incorporating gray iron, nodular, steel and its derivatives. During the nineties, it positioned itself as a reference in different industries such as automotive, oil, shipbuilding, rail, agricultural, paper and pulp, industry in general, heavy machinery, mold making, public works and metallurgy.
In 2010, it was consolidated in the Almirante Brown Industrial Park. And based on the experience acquired and favored by new demands from sectors, BOHERDI Foundry proceeds to position itself in the market as adept of development for heavy casting parts, dedicating itself to applying innovation to fusion.